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Captain's Galley Seafood Restaurant

What makes them GOOD?

Expect only the most sustainable seafood, landed in the harbour on the doorstep of Britain’s most northerly mainland restaurant. Owner chef Jim runs a local festival to promote sustainable seafood and runs his own car on used cooking oil.


The Harbour, Scrabster, KW14 7UJ



01847 894999

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About Captain's Galley Seafood Restaurant

In 2001 Jim and Mary Cowie sympathetically renovated the old Scrabster Ice House and Salmon bothy which dates back to the early 1800s, and opened their seafood restaurant in October 2002. Working with local tradesmen they restored the buildings to their former glory and saved one of Caithness’s most interesting buildings from falling into ruin. The Captains Galley now serves its customers the freshest selection of local seafood, prepared simply, in a unique environment. Using only the best of Highland produce, the menu offers around 20 different species of seafood each week and upwards of ten each night. The menu changes every day after Jim’s routine visit to the pier, where he picks the freshest and best quality seafood from either the Scrabster fish market, or directly from the fishing boats. The Galley’s Ethical policy, which forms part of its overall environmental policy, determines that whenever possible all the produce is sourced within a 50 mile radius of the restaurant. All the seafood must be in season, and a non-pressure stock species, caught in sea areas of Scotland where the stocks are sustainable.