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Toast Ale is pale ale made using fresh, surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted – brewed by craft brewers in the UK.

We give new life to artisan breads that are unsold by bakeries at the end of the day. We find a loving home for ends of loaves that are automatically discarded by sandwich makers.

Our special recipe combines toasted bread with malted barley, hops yeast and water. The toast adds caramel notes that balance the bitter hops, giving a malty taste similar to amber ales and wheat beers.

44% of the bread produced in the UK is not consumed. We think this has to stop and as well as brewing beer commercially we are also encouraging people to turn their own bread leftovers into beer.

Profits from the sale of Toast Ale will go to Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. They believe that tackling food waste is a massive and immediate opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and improve the social value of our food system.

Toast Ale is the UK’s first and only ‘bread to beer’ ale made using fresh, surplus bread. Brewed in collaboration with select craft brewers up and down the UK, the innovative and great tasting ale uses fresh, surplus bread otherwise thrown away by bakeries, delis and sandwich makers. The craft ale aims to significantly reduce the 15m tonnes of food wasted annually in the UK.

The charity was founded by Tristram Stuart who has committed to open sourcing the recipe in a bid to kick start a global brewing movement to turn surplus bread into beer. Toast Ale is truly innovative, there is nothing else in the UK market like it and the new concept hopes to combat food waste with true market impact. Tristram Stuart is triggering a global movement to significantly reduce food waste, which today represents one-third of all food produced at a global level.

Since its launch in January, Toast Ale has gained listings in Fifteen, River Cottage and Tiny Leaf. We’ve enjoyed national news coverage in The Guardian, Telegraph, Mail, Metro, and more – as well as on Sky News, Australia and CBS, NBC in USA. 13.2 million #Toastale impressions were recorded from 1st Jan – 2nd Feb.