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About Pipers Farm

For 25 years Pipers Farm has produced top-quality, slow-grown meat on small-scale mixed farms in the heart of the Devon countryside. We are committed to environmentally sustainable farming and all of our animals enjoy the highest welfare standards, eating a purely natural diet. This means our lamb and beef is reared solely on rich pasture and mother’s milk and our pigs and chickens live outdoors in small groups with freedom to forage naturally. This, coupled with zero chemical inputs, translates into meat with exceptional flavour and texture that’s second to none.

All of Pipers Farm meat is hand cut by our team of skilled butchers who know how to make the most of each carcass. We advocate a nose-to-tail approach and believe that every bit of an animal is valuable and delicious, so we encourage our customers to enjoy well-known cuts as well as giving them the opportunity to try something a little bit less familiar. Our burgers and sausages are hand made, gluten free and contain no artificial additives or preservatives. Pipers Farm lets you experience meat as it really should taste, the natural way.