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CaterOps Ltd provides a cloud based expert system that projects energy consumption, life cycle costs and the carbon footprint of commercial catering operations.

By providing a proactive operational solution to forecasting the impact of equipment replacement decisions on energy use and carbon footprint, CaterOps gives managers a tool to create long-term energy reduction strategies.

This contrasts with reactive or less informed equipment replacement strategies which for reasons of expediency often result in an instant decision which is unlikely to be the most energy efficient option.

The kitchen makes up the largest part of the carbon footprint of any restaurant, hotel or canteen. Using CaterOps as a key management tool to improve the energy efficiency of kitchens will therefore form a critical part of their overall sustainability plan.

All SRA members have aspirations to improve their energy efficiency and CaterOps is the most effective tool available to enable them to achieve those goals.

CaterOps has significant additional financial benefits which arise from the improved management of catering assets and early customers expect to achieve a return on investment of 588% over a ten year period.