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We are very pleased to be working alongside Nestlé Professional, who are generously supporting the Food Made Good Awards 2016 as headline sponsor and also sponsoring the Society Award.


“When eating out, our vision is that ‘good’ food should be so much more than an expectation. It should be taken as given…” says George Vezza, Managing Director at NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL®

“Once upon a time, good food could be defined by the finished product. How it tasted and looked on the plate. Today, however, good food can mean many different things and it comes with a story…

For British diners, the ‘story’ of how food has reached their plate has never been so important. It’s no longer just about taste, but about whether it’s sustainably sourced and made in respectable working conditions.   Driven by a growing passion for food and a ‘farm to fork’ culture, diners expect to know where their food has come from and how it has been produced. The many meanings of good food out of home are all associated with a better life and that is what we stand for.

As ‘thinking sustainably’ becomes increasingly commonplace at home, expectations are reaching a tipping point for the Hospitality Industry, in terms of stepping up to the metaphorical plate.

From suppliers to restaurant operators, now is the time to stand up and ensure the growing passion for good food is put into action.

As a business, Nestlé Professional® works with chefs and operators on a daily basis to encourage more sustainable ways of working.

Food waste is one part of the picture. We recently teamed up with Specialist Waste Recycling (SWR) to develop a free online Waste Management course, a practical tool to help chefs and operators have a positive impact on their waste.

We are also taking steps to reduce water wastage, creating an educational biodiversity site, engaging school children in environmental activities and developing an Industry wide online Water Management course in association with the Food & Drink Federation.

Our sourcing programmes are another important strand of our commitments as a responsible business. In 2010, we launched the NESCAFÉ® Plan, which will provide 220 million coffee plantlets by 2020 and invest £213m to help those involved across the entire supply chain to satisfy the increased demand for good quality coffee.

We are also making significant strides when it comes to cocoa. Launched in 2009, the Nestlé Cocoa Plan represents a £65 million investment over 10 years, to help address social, economic and environmental issues cocoa farming communities are facing around the world. Through the Cocoa Plan, we work with our partners on the ground in cocoa sourcing countries such as Cote d’Ivoire, to provide farmer training and support, plantlets and community support, including the building of schools to help get children out of the fields.

By sourcing cocoa through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, we have been able to reach a significant milestone here in the UK. As of the 1st January this year, all of our chocolate confectionery and biscuits made and sold in the UK use 100% certified sustainable cocoa

Palm oil is another important commodity for Nestlé and one which we continue to work hard to ensure both the responsible sourcing and traceability of the palm oil we buy. As a result of this work, we now only use 100% RSPO certified, segregated palm oil in our Nestlé UK production sites, which is responsibly sourced and traceable back to the mill. Our ambition is to have fully traceable palm oil back to the plantation, and this is something that we are continuing to work heavily on with our partners.

At the end of the day, achieving a sustainable future isn’t going to happen overnight. As an Industry, we still have a long way to go. But, with a shared drive for making ‘good’ food matter, we believe that the sustainable food movement can be realised, and truly good food can be a reality for the Great British Diner. This is why we are proud to be working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to support the Food Made Good Awards 2016.

Nestlé Professional is a supporter of the Food Made Good Awards 2016.

To access the FREE online waste management course developed by Nestlé Professional® in partnership with Specialist Waste Recycling, and the FREE Water Management course in association with the Food & Drink Federation, visit





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