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Foraged bitter tastes sweet for hat trick hero

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What the bleat is it all about?
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Braised beef and dumplings

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Goat meat: Don’t bleat – eat

28 Sep 2016 by Tom Tanner

Ever felt persecuted as a carnivore? You could be forgiven for feeling that way. So, here’s some refreshingly meat-positive news to get your teeth into – no kidding. Yes, goat is the on-trend meat right now and it’s very reassuringly sustainable. Food Made Good restaurant Jar Kitchen is just one of a number to have […]

TAGS: healthy eating, Meat, restaurants, seasonal, Sourcing, Sustainability, vegetarian

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Relæ: the best in the world just got better

14 Jun 2016 by Tom Tanner

Like any chef worth their salt, Christian Puglisi cares passionately about the ingredients he crafts into the Michelin star dishes he serves his customers at Relæ, in Copenhagen. The words obsessive and chef have go together almost as well as fish and chips. But Christian’s unbridled desire for achieving perfection and then taking things to the next level, […]

TAGS: Awards, Competition, food waste, Local Food, Meat, restaurants, sustainable fish

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OXO Tower Restaurant’s Braised Dingley Dell pork belly, lentils and winter vegetables

03 Mar 2016 by Tom Tanner

TAGS: Ethical, Local Food, Meat, Pulse, seasonal, Sourcing

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Peas and beans to set your pulse racing

26 Jan 2016 by Tom Tanner

It’s the only protein-packed food group that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It costs a fraction of its meaty counterparts, has a miniscule environmental impact, multiple health benefits and is known as one of the genuine chameleons of the food world. Oh yes, please put your hands together for pulses. The United Nations has designated […]

TAGS: healthy eating, Meat, Pulse, Recipes, restaurants

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Meat matters – don’t COP out

08 Dec 2015 by Tom Tanner

We have a problem.  It just tastes so good. But our longstanding love affair with meat plays an astonishingly major role in climate change. And yet, while leaders and delegates from at least 190 nations are gathering in Paris for COP 21, ostensibly to slow climate change, food production does not appear prominently on the climate […]

TAGS: Dining Out, healthy eating, Meat, Sourcing, vegetarian

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