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Foraged bitter tastes sweet for hat trick hero

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What the bleat is it all about?
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Braised beef and dumplings

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What are you waiting for? It’s time to reassess restaurants

28 Sep 2016 by Tom Tanner

Whenever we ask the public about the things that matter most to them when eating out, treating people fairly always poll high. Sensing that the tip you leave may not reach its intended recipient or that your waiter may not be getting their just desserts, can leave a bad taste in the mouth and serves […]

TAGS: Dining Out, restaurants, Society, Training, Treating People Fairly

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Tip for tat? How best to reward restaurant staff

29 Apr 2016 by Tom Tanner

It’s four weeks now since employers had to start paying the National Living Wage. Staff in restaurants up and down the country should have noticed a slightly fatter pay packet over the last month. Good news, no? Well, in theory, yes, for the employees at least, so long as they are over 25.  In cash […]

TAGS: Dining Out, Living Wage, restaurants, Society, Treating People Fairly

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Food tastes better served by well paid happy staff

02 Nov 2015 by Tom Tanner

How restaurant staff are treated ranks as the most important sustainability issue for diners when they’re eating out. That was the finding of a survey of more than 1,000 people Populus completed for us last year. You, the Great British diner, said you enjoy your meals that much more knowing that the people preparing and […]

TAGS: Living Wage, Society, Treating People Fairly

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